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The Perfect Summer Wardrobe: 5 Kid-Friendly Sewing Patterns for Warm Weather Fun

May 16, 2023Shalayne Monson

toddler wearing lowland kids overalls

Summer is here, and it's time to think about comfortable, stylish clothing for your little ones as they embark on their warm-weather adventures. Lowland Kids offers a range of sewing patterns that are perfect for creating unique and fun summer outfits.

In this article, we'll introduce you to five of our favorite patterns that are perfect for your child's summer wardrobe. Let's dive in!

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girl wearing lowland kids shorties

For lounging and play, you can't beat the versatility of Lowland Kids' Shorties. These comfy shorts come in different lengths to suit your child's style. Made from breathable fabrics like jersey or terry cloth, the Shorties keep kids cool while they run and play. Add some flair with colorful trim or patches to reflect their fun-loving personality.

Curved Hem Tee

Curved Hem Tee from Lowland Kids

The stylish Curved Hem Tee is a unique twist on a classic summer staple. With its relaxed fit and curved hem, this tee is perfect for any casual summer activity. Lightweight cotton jersey or knit fabrics are ideal for keeping kids comfortable in warm weather. Consider livening up the tee with bold colors, fun prints or appliques.


newborn baby in lowland kids overalls

Lowland Kids' Overalls are perfect for kids who are always on the move. The pattern includes options for both shorts and pants, so you can pick the version best suited for your summer adventures. Durable yet breathable fabrics allow for flexibility and movement. Add playful buttons or patches to customize the overalls to your child's taste. Pair them with the Curved Hem Tee or Summer Cami for a complete outfit ready for the park, beach or playground.

Summer Cami/Bodysuit

lowland kids summer cami/bodysuit

The versatile Summer Cami/Bodysuit pattern can be made as a camisole or one-piece bodysuit, perfect for layering or wearing on its own. Adjustable straps and a comfy fit keep little ones cool and comfortable for summer fun. Light, breathable fabrics like cotton jersey, rayon or bamboo are ideal for warm weather. Dress up the cami or bodysuit with lace, contrasting fabrics or prints.

Pocket Skirt

young girl wearing pocket skirt in summer

The whimsical Pocket Skirt is a charming addition to any little girl's summer wardrobe. An elastic waistband and roomy pockets make playing in the skirt easy and enjoyable for a child. Durable, breathable fabrics allow for movement and flexibility. Contrasting pocket fabric or decorative stitching along the hem adds extra whimsy. Pair the Pocket Skirt with the Curved Hem Tee or Summer Cami for an outfit suited for summer fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of fabric work best for these patterns?

Lightweight, breathable knit fabrics like cotton jersey, rayon, bamboo, or terry cloth are ideal for these summer patterns. Lowland Kids specializes in making comfy, stylish sewing patterns for knits!

Can these patterns be adjusted for different sizes?

Yes, all these patterns can be adjusted to suit your child's size. Always remember to measure your child before starting to ensure a good fit.

Are these patterns suitable for beginners?

Yes, these patterns are suitable for sewers of all skill levels. Some patterns, like the Shorties or Curved Hem Tee, might be easier for beginners to start with.

How can I add a personal touch to these sewing patterns?

There are many ways to personalize these patterns. Consider adding colorful trim or patches, bold colors, fun prints, appliques, or contrasting fabrics. You can also add decorative stitching or playful buttons.

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