Folded Neckband Tutorial

Here you will find detailed instructions on how to attach a folded band. This could be on a neckline, arm, or hood. Personally I don't love this method but it's always good to try both this and binding and see what YOU like best :) 

In my patterns you will find folded band measurements. These are based on a fabric that has medium stretch/recover.  I take the length (or circumference if i'm doing neckband) of what i'm sewing and multiply it by .85. If i'm doing a full circle (neckband), I also add 1/2" for seam allowance, then another 1/2" because for some reason they still come out small. 

They are really easy to attach, it's basically like adding a cuff. Below I will show you the steps for both a full circle, like a neckband, and just adding the band.

Neckband/Armband Method 

Just the band

In this example i'm just attaching the band to a curved line to show you the process. The folded band can be done on a neckline if attaching it similar to binding where you only sew one shoulder, add the binding, then connect after. It can also be used on arm bands before the sides are connected!

1. Fold and press wrong sides together so you can see the right sides. 

2. Pin/stretch the band to the right side of the edge you are adding it to lining up the edges. How much you stretch will depend on your fabric, play with it a little bit and see what you like for your fabric type! 

3. Sew the band on, stretching it as you go.. 

4. Press and topstitch the seam allowance under the band if desired! 

Again, this method is not my favorite but I do hope you try it because maybe you'll love it! It's always good to try and see if it's a good fit for you!