Single Fold Binding Tutorial

I LOVE binding. I think it looks amazing and it always fits over my kiddos big heads whereas the folded band method is a stretch sometimes. I know it's not for everyone and it definitely takes some practice, but if you want to get this look down, don't give up! Practice on scraps until it looks how you want it to look! 

Here I will be rambling on about all the details of my binding. If you want a quick video example, scroll to the bottom! 

In this example I'm binding a curved piece of french terry to show the process. The process is the exact same for all of my binding no matter what piece of the garment i'm sewing. I always have two open ends then connect them later. So if i'm sewing a neckline, I only sew one shoulder together, attach my binding, then sew the other shoulder together. Those details will always be in the instructions. 

1. Place your binding strip right side down in your machine. You can use a sewing machine, just make sure that you leave 1/4" seam allowance. Place your fabric right side up under the binding about 1" down. I find it a lot easier to topstitch if I have some hanging over the edges! 

2. Start sewing along the edge. Stretch the binding slightly as you go. The amount of stretch will depend on your fabric so I HIGHLY suggest practicing a few different amounts of stretch on some scrap fabric before applying your binding on your project!

3. Press your binding. This isn't 100% necessary but I think it helps the final binding look better and more even. 

When you press the underside should look like this with the seam allowance tucked under the binding. 

4. Fold the binding over the seam allowance and press/pin if you would like. You can have either a lot or a little folded over the seam allowance. In this example I cut my binding 1.25" because I wanted the binding to look a little thicker but if you want a thinner binding you can cut it more narrow, even 1". Play with it and figure out what look you like best! 

5. Flip it onto the right side and topstitch. You can use a twin needle in your sewing machine, a zig zag stitch, or a coverstitch machine. 

6. As you can see I have about 1" hanging off of both ends so go ahead and trim those. You can press again if you'd like and you're done!