(Video) Sew-A-Long: The Adorable Taylor Joggers - Lowland Kids

(Video) Sew-A-Long: The Adorable Taylor Joggers

Apr 08, 2023Lowland Kids

In this 3 part Taylor Joggers Sew-A-Long I’ll show you how to cut and grade the pattern, prepare the moto knee patch, and fully assemble the joggers. 

Part 1 - Cutting and grading the pattern  

Grading the Taylor Joggers pattern is super simple. As always we optimize our patterns for projectors so you can speed things up even more!

In this video I'm using a projector and hid all the layers except for 12/18 month Width and 6/9 month Length.

You can do the same thing with a printed pattern by only printing the layers you need.

In the video you'll see that we cut the orange lines (12/18m) for the Width, and the pink lines (6/9m) for the Length. 


Part 2 - Preparing the moto knee patch 

First cut out a rectangle (see instructions for recommended dimensions). 

Next, mark every 1” (2.5cm) down the sides.

Press down at the first or second mark. I opt for the second mark because I like to have a little space at the top and bottom so that my seams don't get sewn in when assembling the pants. 

Once pressed, use a long straight stitch or chain stitch (single needle on a coverstitch machine) and sew ¼” (.6cm). 

Then go press the next mark and sew that seam. Make sure to stay consistent with the side you’re sewing! Sometimes the seams tend to lean more one way. 

Once you have a few rows, place your pattern piece (#3) on top and see if you need more, or if you’re happy with the amount you can stop there!

The instructions have a suggested amount of rows but it can vary depending on what fabric you’re using and the precision of your seam allowance. 

When you are happy with the number of rows, cut your #3 pieces from the pattern and make sure to cut them as opposites.  


Part 3 - Assembling the Taylor Joggers

This is a walk through of the pattern assembly. For pictured step by step instructions you can watch the video or check out the instructions! 

I hope you found the Taylor Joggers Sew-A-Long videos helpful!

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