You can now Pre-Order Lowland Fabric in bulk quantities at a big discount! Wholesale fabric is sold by the roll. To receive the wholesale discount you must purchase a minimum of 1 roll. Each roll contains between 40-60 yards. Here’s how the process will work:

  1. Send an email to hello@lowlandkids.com with what fabrics you are interested in. We will reply with a pricing sheet.
  2. If you're interested, reply with the details of your order (how many rolls and which fabrics) as well as your shipping information.
  3. We'll send you an estimate along with an invoice.
  4. You pay the invoice before the pre-order period ends (this ensures we get our order numbers correct).
  5. When the fabric arrives (delivery estimated 8-12 weeks but we hope it will be sooner) we will get you exact yardage counts and shipping costs and adjust the invoice as needed whether that is refunding some if some of the rolls are smaller or adding a little to the invoice if the rolls are larger.
  6. Once that is settled we will ship you your lovely fabric by the bolt!! 

Note 1 - If we have enough retail in stock we may be able to offer in stock products at wholesale price but cannot guarantee it. Feel free to inquire by emailing us at hello@lowlandkids.com\.

Note 2 - We are still working out kinks in shipping for these larger orders, and we're always negotiating to get pricing lower! If the shipping is cost-prohibitive this round, try us again next time because there's a great chance we've gotten better rates.