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Taylie Mattson Taylie Mattson
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Fall has  finally  arrived  and  it’s  the  season of  choice  for  photographers  everywhere!

“What  should  I  make for  my  child to  wear?”  is  a  common question we've all thought ourselves and heard from others.

I  love  putting  together  the perfect  mixture of  prints, textures  and  layers  to  make  those  photos  pop.

Whether  you  love neutrals  or  poppy colors,  here  are  a  few  tips to  help  decide  what  to  make and  how  to  style  outfits  for  maximum  effect. 

1. Create a color theme using complementary colors.

Choose colors that complement, rather than match. This tip also includes your background/location. Deep rich colors in jewel tones are perfect for Fall. Add a touch of Neutrals for a well rounded effect. 


2. Add texture for visual appeal.

Chunky knits, corduroy, linen and rib knits are great textures to add interest to your photos. I love to add a subtle print or two. 


3. Layer to give your photos a cohesive feel.

Adding layers like cardigans and knee high socks, as well as varying lengths of clothing helps to pull everything together. 


4. Choose your shoes.

You can't go wrong with leather shoes. They're classic and clean up so nicely. Barefoot is always an option too, especially if your taking photos on a beach.  


5. Style their hair (you don’t need to be a pro!).

I love to keep hairstyles super simple, essentially a neater version of my daughter's everyday looks. Adding a small hair clip keeps it out of faces and adds a little detail.


6. Lay it all out.

It's so helpful to see pieces next to each other. It's worth taking the time, and swapping out anything that doesn't look right or adding something in to add to the overall feel you're going for. 


7. Keep it comfy.

While it's fun to dress up for photos, Be mindful of choosing outfits that kids feel comfortable in. Feeling awkward and out of place is not a great way to start. Stay true to your style. 

And there you have it! 7 simple tips for your very own Fall photo shoot! 


Curious to know which Lowland Kids patterns I used in my Fall Style Guide? Here you go!

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